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Traditional residential lending programs have a maximum mortgage amount of between $1,000,000 to $2,000,000. This leaves the affluent and High Net Worth borrower looking for alternative financing lenders that can achieve their real estate goals.


As an experienced mortgage broker, it is key to have multiple lenders who cater to affluent lending to ensure that you are receiving the best financing solution in the industry. Lender relationships and volume funding commitments allow us significant buying power that we can use to get you the funding that you need.


Liquidating investments for a down payment is tax prohibitive. Secured financing is an excellent alternative to get you the down payment money that you need. Let’s leverage your entire real estate portfolio to get you the industries best financing options and allow you to achieve your portfolio goals.


Sean Stewart has assembled the industry’s leading lenders that cater to the High Net Worth borrower. He has exclusive access to interest rates and mortgage options that are designed specifically for the affluent borrower.


It’s time for you to get the money you deserve. Start a conversation with Sean Stewart today.