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Financing is key when investing in commercial real estate. Savvy investors are looking for positive cash flow, and the financing can be the most significant contributor in determining whether a property is a good investment.


Investing in commercial real estate is different from purchasing a residential property.  In general, commercial transactions take more time to complete, have higher interest rates, and rely on cash flow analysis to qualify for financing.


Commercial lenders tend to be separate from residential lenders and many have specific niches. It is critical that we present your transaction to the right lender that caters to your particular needs.


A few common scenarios:

  1. If you are currently renting commercial space for your business and are looking to purchase a commercial property to move away from renting, then your business financial statements and cash flow are key when qualifying for financing.

  2. Purchasing a commercial property for investment? With all of the new residential mortgage rules, it has become more onerous to qualify for a residential investment property. Hence, many investors are considering commercial real estate as an alternative. It is a fantastic time to add a commercial property to your real estate portfolio.

  3. Do you own multiple residential investment properties? We need to look at the portfolio as a whole to finance your next purchase or refinance one of the investment properties. Let’s leverage your portfolio strategically to get you the best financing option.


Sean Stewart has assembled the leading commercial lenders that cater to corporate owners and the individual investor. He has exclusive access to interest rates and mortgage options that are designed specifically for commercial investors. It’s time for you to get the money you deserve.

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