Being self-employed offers tremendous freedom and allows you to benefit from your hard work, determination, and passion. Though, the income of a self-employed business owner may not meet traditional lender’s guidelines.

The great news is that many lenders cater to the self-employed and offer very competitive rates. Whether a sole proprietor or a corporate owner, there are many mortgage financing options designed with you in mind.

These types of lenders have programs that allow you to boost your income and make it easier for the self-employed to qualify. These lenders understand that you may not have the traditional documentation showing a large income, but that your business does generate the revenue and cash flow for you to make your mortgage payments.

Typically, lenders want to see a two-year financial history for self-employed owners. The most recent two years of personal tax returns and if incorporated, the most recent two years of corporate tax returns. Though, some lenders will accept if you have been in business for at least six months or qualify you solely on cash flow.

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